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The Leader In Locker Fabrication

PROlocker is one of the only North American sports locker room manufacturers that entirely designs and builds lockers in its own manufacturing warehouse in Canada. This ensures a high-quality product and very high standards in quality control measures, from A to Z.

To date, PROlocker has designed and built more than 10 000 lockers to more than 100 professional teams and organizations.

Home Grown Beginnings

PROlocker’s story is typically Canadian. It begins in Canada’s capital in Ottawa, Ontario, in a home garage, in the dead of winter 2010. There are four hockey players in one home — three boys and a Dad — and nowhere to store and properly dry sports equipment. Dad, an engineer and passionate woodworker, decides to build four wooden lockers in his single garage and installs the wood lockers in the basement. Friends and visitors start to notice. They want a locker too. Dad starts to sell more and more lockers from his garage. Then sports teams and schools across North America notice and want custom-designed locker rooms. So, Dad moves from his garage to a decent-sized woodshop. In 2017, Dad transfers to an even larger woodworking facility. The lesson to be learned: never underestimate that small woodworking project in your garage. You just never know.

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